The parliamentarians addressed on IdeaPaís, and with about thirty young people in the audience, the internal difficulties they have had in insisting on the importance of a new process. 

Last Monday, November 21, a new edition of "Protagonistas del Debate" was held at IdeaPaís , where the president of the UDI, Javier Macaya and the secretary general of RN, Diego Schalper, attended. Magdalena Vergara, director of studies of IdeaPaís, moderated the conversation. 

The parliamentarians discussed the importance -and the reasons- of promoting a new constituent process after the triumph of the Rejection vote last September 4 in the exit plebiscite. With some thirty young people in the audience, the guests addressed the internal difficulties they have had in insisting on the importance of a new process. "We in this do not have to be afraid of certain sectors that are going to qualify us as surrenderists, because the truth is that the response of those people is the same immobilism normally that redounded in the crisis of 2019. I think we have to be aware that one of the mistakes of our sector is to hide behind the binominal system, in the Constitutional Court, in circumstantial majorities, in order not to have made the changes that had to be made", said Schalper. 

For his part, Macaya added that "a tension has been generated between those who believe that everything has to be done in the same way, and some who transmit that nothing has to be done, particularly in our sector with those who mention Article 142 when winning the Rejection". 

Congressman Schalper acknowledged that these conversations are being held "very much against the wishes of certain sectors of our parties, but with the conviction that your generation has to have this settled because countries do not discuss their Constitution, they discuss within the framework of the Constitution" and concluded "we cannot allow ourselves another year of discussion on the Constitution". 

On this, Macaya added that "the most extreme sectors of our parties take the m... out of me every day in an issue that perhaps is not on the calendar today. Then Pancho Malo goes outside the headquarters of the UDI and we are attacked. I do not believe that we have to take out a patent of compliance with a commitment, because we continue to support it very strongly, but we are not going to do it if this ends up being done in a wrong way". 

The senator said that he believes that "this is the moment, despite the fact that we are not at the constitutional moment, in terms of citizens' priority. But, I believe that in order for it not to blow up in our faces again and, particularly, as pendulums are in politics, there is an important possibility that the next government will be of the center-right, and I hope that we do not have to hand over that inheritance to the next government". 

Por último, el diputado Schalper sostuvo que » esto no puede ser refundacional, no porque no lo quiera Chile Vamos, sino porque Chile no lo aguantaría y quien menos lo aguantaría es el Presidente de la República”. 

The activity ended with a round of questions from the young people present, and with a conversation accompanied by pizzas and beers.