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Solidarity Constitution

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The crisis of October 2019 put in check the current institutionality, the precarious and unprotected Chile, without networks or support that would allow it to face the onslaught of its own development, came to charge us the bill. Today, as a consequence of this upheaval, we have begun the path of constitutional replacement, in order to try to respond and solve the problems that exploded there. How to design a new constitutional text that responds and takes charge of the impulses that were evident during the crisis? has been the constant question in all sectors. 

Without attempting here to make a complete diagnosis of the causes that led us to the place we are in, we will at least try to propose some ideas based on the notion of a State of solidarity, which is justified by the fact that the country's engine lies in civil society, with the help of the State. A position that rejects the individualism of certain liberalism and the collectivism that affects the left.