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It would seem that because of his time and family environment Juan Enrique Concha would be a young man of the so-called Belle Époque, in those decades characterized by the social arrogance of a few in the face of the appearance, invisible to many, of the working proletariat. A liberal and positivist atmosphere where the parliamentary political regime seemed to respond with its negotiations to "we are doing well, tomorrow better". Juan Enrique would then be one of those transplanted, that in 1904 Alberto Blest Gana described in his novel representing that Creole aristocracy that, installed in the idyllic Paris, dreamed and almost thought in French, uprooted from their origins and making the fashionable dream of the end of the century come true.

Already the title of Worker's Questions warns us that there are exceptions, the young Juan Enrique Concha did not allow himself to be dazzled by the frivolity of the city of light, it seems, on the contrary, that the European experience alerted him and stimulated him to pay attention to the social movements of the time.